Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Self Esteem Games

To quote from the site:

"Imagine you could play a computer game for five minutes each morning that would help you feel more secure and confident in yourself. Our research shows that people may be able to change the negative thought patterns that sometimes produce insecurity. We are now examining whether over time, with practice, people can develop positive, beneficial habits of thought to help them become more secure and self-confident on a long term basis -- whether in the context of their working life, their personal relationships, or their overall sense of well being."


I am a Lesbian

Here is a site where you can learn how to say "I am a Lesbian" in many languages! The fun never stops!


Friday, June 11, 2004

playing to win


Daily extended
You should be in marketing or a cultural critic, if you aren't either one already. You know how to state the obvious while making it sound deep and eloquent. You have the gift of putting a compelling spin on information that usually puts most people to sleep. Maybe you should be a coach or counselor because of the way you make everyone feel included. Of course, you're not doing this for your health. You're playing to win, and everything that's happened so far is your strategy taking its course. You're always welcome back when you make yourself so indispensable.