Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Attack of the Blonde Bridezilla! My Sister!

May 10, 2006

What turns a bride into a "Bridezilla"? In the case of NICOLE WHITE it is the desire for the ideal wedding. "I wanted a BIG wedding with lots of flowers," she explains. "I wanted to be the most beautiful bride ever. And everything is PERFECT!"

Nikki is featured on the third season premiere of "Bridezillas," airing Sunday, June 11 on WE tv. "Bridezillas" is the series that takes a look at the dark side of matrimonial madness, featuring the blow-ups and meltdowns that normal woman experience when planning their wedding that turn them into ranting and raving brides-from-hell.

In this instance, Nikki, a 28-year-old from Diamond Bar, CA, had waited seven years for her boyfriend to propose, so maybe her desire for perfection can be understood. Truth be told, she had purchased her strapless bridal gown three years before her wedding! And she reveals, "Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamed of a Cinderella-like storybook wedding."

Nikki and TONY met at a club, where she was first attracted to him by his outgoing personality and his dimples. So when he finally asked her to be his wife, she declares it "the happiest moment of my life." It was made even happier when her parents volunteered to pay for the big bash that included eight bridesmaids, eight groomsmen and 200 guests.

"There was a budget set and it is exceeding the budget, and I am dealing with it," her dad says philosophically.

Five days before the wedding, Tony, who had up to then escaped his bride's wrath, experiences a "Bridezilla" moment when he and Nikki go to pick up their marriage license. She has had to take an extended lunch hour to make the trip to the licensing bureau, so she is not happy when Tony gets lost. But things get even worse -- when they finally make it to the front of the line, he has forgotten his ID -- meaning they have to come back another day.

"Maybe that is a sign we shouldn't get married," she snaps.

Tony and Nikki do make it to the altar, but not without problems at their wedding rehearsal. Nikki didn't hire a wedding planner, so she attempts to organize her unruly wedding party herself.

But that isn't the worst of her problems. On her actual wedding day, the limo forgets to pick her up and one of her bridesmaids is late.

For a sneak peek at the premiere episode of "Bridezillas," tune in to tonight's ET. Then catch all the action in detail when the series premieres on WE tv on June 11.