Thursday, July 24, 2003

I am not one to normally post or rant about my political views, however I must express my disgust at being force-fed the grotesque images of Saddam's dead sons all over the internet today. I went into My Yahoo!, which is my personalized version of the newspaper, only to see a horrible close-up image of a dead body. I had mixed feelings; half of me was sad, because I do not feel happiness in seeing death and the other half was disgusted and frightened, because a dead body is pretty disgusting and frightening no matter who it is. I couldn't even keep the page open because the picture was all I could see. I guess I'll have to read my news tomorrow when the picture isn't there. (hopefully)

The way the media and Rumsfield chose to display those images was barbaric and distasteful. As Rumsfield said, "...making the pictures public would help convince frightened Iraqis that Saddam's rule was over and that far outweighed any sensitivities over showing the corpses. " CLICK HERE

What this is is a weak attempt at validating this war. They have to have something to show for it because they sure as hell haven't come up with any weapons of mass destruction. AND, how does Saddam's sons being dead convince us that Saddam's rule is over? Saddam isn't dead.

I don't think its necessary to post the picture of a naked carcass all over the internet and newspapers. Instead of posting the picture couldn't they give us an option to view it? Like "click here to see the dead body"? What about the little kids that surf the internet and look at the pictures on the newspapers. Are we telling them that its OK to kill if you have a really good reason? If someone is REALLY bad, then you can kill them. What is up with that? Do we not think of the consequences of our actions anymore?