Thursday, November 13, 2003

ebay internal memo

Read Ebay's most recent internal memo to employees:

New Quailty Assurance Measures Taking Place Immediately

I would like to notify you regarding the new quality measures that will take place. As you are aware, eBay strives to be the best in our business, and to ensure that our members receive the best possible customer service when contacting us. Starting in October, monitoring software will be installed on all company computers. This is not an effort to "spy" on your activities, but rather to allow our quality department to take screen shots of your computer, to allow them to better coach you regarding policy and procedures. Please keep in mind, all AOL Instant messager messages will be recorded, and all incoming and outgoing emails will also be affected. With this said, here are some guidelines that I would like you to follow:

1. No pornography sites should be accessed unless it is part of your job

2. No personal emails should be sent or received using company equipment

3. AOL Instant Messengers should be used for work related purposes only.

4. While working during business hours, no access to unrelated Internet sites is allowed under any circumstances.

Please remember that every action performed on your company computer will be recorded. Please act accordingly.

If you are caught viewing Internet sites that are not work related, you may suffer disciplinary action up to and including termination.

If you have questions regarding this new policy, please contact your supervisor, or lead.

[name removed]
eBay Manager