Monday, April 14, 2003


Kim is a baby rattling the sides of a cot.
Kim Is the Key Danger.
Kim is your pal.
Kim is accompanied by her husband, flamenco-inspired guitarist Josef "The Wild Hungarian" Gault
Kim is No.1.
Kim is in for the long haul.
Does anyone know where Kim is?
Kim has trained with some of the world's most prominent Sedation Dental Specialists.
Kim is there.
Kim is hoping.
Kim is out.
Kim is the shaggy dog.
Kim is always thrilling!


Regan is a winner with whitecaps.
Regan is spontaneously funny as well as being a great stand-up.
Regan is ensconced in her bedroom, tied to her bed so she can't harm herself.
Who is o'regan?
Regan is out of touch with reality.
Regan is a traitor.
Regan is almost like Jim Carrey.
Regan is dismissive of the notion that psychedelic drugs can provide genuine mystical illumination.
Regan is definitly the Snake in this Garden.
Regan is an expert in American literature of the 19th century.
Regan is small, blonde, and witty. She has little brown eyes, a pug nose, and tiny lips.
Regan is one of the nation's leading magazine photographers.
Regan is hypnotized and gets angry.
Regan is being exorcised.
Regan is congenial, humble, and warm-hearted.
Regan is lukewarm at best.
Regan is using the wonder weed.
Regan is licensed to practice before the Supreme Court of Missouri.
Regan is located fifteen miles south of Bargetto Winery in the Corralitos area of southern Santa Cruz County.
Regan is an internationally acclaimed painter with a far reaching vision.
Regan is Britain's premier authority on military disasters.
Regan is also a pioneer in recording the electrical activity of the human brain.