Monday, April 14, 2003



This won't work unless Kyra is installed

Kyra is overcome by chilling sensations and feels
one of the men take control of her body and mind.

Having run away from New Orleans, and enduring a dusty journey on Mr.
Pips, a loyal mule, Kyra is more than ready to see Cliff again.

Kyra is a very playful, loving and loyal dog.

Kyra is a bastard child, fostered by her father, a King
of a small but prosperous country, along with her sister Lady Ashton.

As it turns out, Jesse is no ordinary child,
and Kyra is no ordinary mother.

Kyra is a disabled three-year-old whose low motor skills, limited
speech,and partial hearing loss make talking-even gesturing-difficult.

Kyra is tired of being dumped so she decides that she needs a change.

Kyra is puzzled by Michael's sudden interest and isn't sure if it's her
or her new look.

Kyra is the actual Boss of the ferrets, and makes sure they all know it.

We heard that the coloring of Kyra is called a turtle-skin-color.

Kyra is a woman in a rut.

Kyra is a young, dynamic, London-based gospel choir that includes up to
25 members who are mostly of Caribbean origin which helps give them a musical flavour.